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    There is currently no platform that allows for men seeking penis enlargement that allows for payment of services which allow cryptocurrency that does not involve the purchase of some gadget, cream, or pills or by a founder or team with real life success and experience in actual physical gains of greater than 2" using natural process associated with Penis Exercise routines.


    PowerCock allows for use of not only fiat but most importantly cryptocurrencies as an option that can allow for privacy of purchase of program.


    Surgery is obviously a high risk procedure with patient recovery period. PowerCock provides a non surgery option for men seeking penis enlargement based on tried and proven methods from the founder who had success from the program, hence the creation of the program.


    Medical operations done in places like Germany in 2013 cost as much as 10,000 Euros and only provide 1” the most.


    The market size in Germany alone per year for penis enlargement surgery is over US$150m, while the global market for male enhancement products and services is estimated be well over US$1b per year.


    YouTube Video - FAIR USE


    YT video shows how sick, scary and expensive such a procedure is. In short, you do not want to have a short dick or be out of pocket only for 1” gains that some argue you will lose anyways based on feedback on persons who have taken such a risk at such a high price.





    There three ways to obtain PowerCock services and program.


    There are No pills, No creams, No pumps, No clamps, No wearable mechanical extenders, No surgery.




    VIP US$9,999 (Fiat/PayPal Only) - Unlimited client consultation/365 days/year/1 hr per day.




    Non VIP $399 (Crypto Only) - 15 days client consultation/1 hr per day.




    Donation US$99 (Crypto Only) - Access to P.E. program client consultation 4 days/1 hr per day.


    Why such a hefty price for VIP you may ask? Well the answer is simple. It is much easier to work 1:1 with 1 VIP client, than to work 1:1 with 10 clients at $399.


    If you like the presentation, program, and would like to provide limited access to a friend you may choose the donate by Crypto option.




    Purchasing program/services does not guarantee the same or similar results if any as I have obtained. Thus note this disclaimer keenly. Most importantly the program and service is not medical advice, I am not a medical doctor, there are no guarantees. All purchases are non refundable.



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    — My P.E. motivation & program began 12/21/2017


    As you can guess by now, I saw the girl I had feelings for f*cking two freaks over a leaked web cam video on PornHub. She lied and said she cannot take pain and does not like cock. Well you can guess the rest.


    There is nothing like seeing a person you know on such a website. At first you kind of are in total denial and total shock. It takes you almost a dozen times to watch the video hoping it is just a look a like. Sure enough you see the girl you like and cared for deeply riding a f*cking cock the size that makes you say “WTF”.


    When you see what appeared to be a 9”x 6” pole in the woman you have deep feelings for, in several positions, moaning as f*ck, coming like crazy, it drives home reality, really super fast.


    On the exact date I begun P.E. I reached my 3" goal. I will now be pushing to another 1", as according to the experts you will lose about 0.5" even with regular weekly P.E. routines.


    For starters all women lie that 6” is average, actually what they see is shaft of 5” or 4.5”. Measuring your rod from Bone Pressed Erect Length (BPEL) is total BS. Non BPEL (NBPEL) is the only prize for a man to offer a woman. Thus if you want a rod where the shaft and head is 8”, you will require to have a BPEL of 9”, this is the harsh reality.


    The older you get the more those tiny little blood vessels are clogged. I gets worse with age, but reversible naturally. What I have come to realize after nearly 24 months is that length is possible, and no matter what those f*ckers say, you cannot grow your dick, you can only use natural P.E. methods to gain length and girth.


    You cannot obtain 4” in three or four months or even 1 year, regardless if using P.E. or otherwise. If this were possible I would be the first to say to you men no longer have such issues, and in addition all micro penis men could become 8” in 6 months or the very least in 1 year. If this were true it would be all over the news, and selling like hot bread.


    Purchasing the PowerCock service can assist you on the path attaining 2.5" if not 3" in 24 months, if you are one of the lucky ones as there are no guarantees.


    any who begin this journey know not if their goals will be achieved. But how would you know if you do not give yourself that chance and take the first steps towards your goal?




    Micro penises are anything 4” and under shaft or otherwise. Small willies are 6” and below, Average is 7”, good size is a solid 8” x 5.5”, ideal for women 8.5” x 6” big is 9”x 6”, large is 10” x 6”, Monster Cock is 11” x 7” and above.


    One word of advice, you will never be perfect size for all women or big enough for size queens. Do not listen their lies, many can take monster cocks, so forget thinking beyond 8” or 9”.


    You may be wondering what is the big deal over a 0.25” or a 0.5” extra in girth. Girth is king when it comes with length. That minor inches you think is not the same as gaining a 0.5” or 1” in length, that is apples and oranges.


    The difference between a 0.25” to a 0.5” gains in Girth is like the difference of you feeling a dam thing inside her, or she from you. The term throwing a sausage down the hall has its meaning and is a reality.


    The good news is, most P.E. experts say girth is easier to gain than length. I take it the P.E. pumps really works. I would not know.


    I will admit, my confidence has gone up from reaching 2”. I thought I had arrived but was sadly disappointed when I did actual live research with females about size who were 18 to 24 years of age with a few older ones in the survey but not over 30. That their desired average size when compiled was 9” x 6” which is in reality a BPEL of 10”.


    I then realized, that a shaft of 8” to 8.5” should be more than enough, and I do not need to work myself over what most females who are liberal may think. At my age some would say it is a miracle as I am over 40 and will say no more.


    So for you younger chaps out there there is really hope. Black, White Asian, Indian, race has nothing to do with it. Only thing that has to do with it is discipline. P.E., a solid diet along with good vitamin supplements, and last but not least a extremely positive and strong mind.


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    Is this medical advice?

    No, this is not medical advice. The provider of this service and program is not a medical doctor.

    Can my penis grow after puberty?

    No, your penis cannot grow after puberty. However you are able to use P.E. that will target several elements within your penis shaft that will allow for gain in inches. This was an ancient practice in China, Africa, India, and Arab countries and quite possible some European countries.

    Do I need to purchase special penis pills, creams, clamps, extenders, and or pumps?


    Does size truly matter for women?


    Are there guarantees that the PowerCock program will work for me?

    No. Every individual is different, with different eating habits, different drinking habits, and different discipline and mental fortitude to see program through.

    How long did it take you to gain your first 1" to 1.5"?

    I would say within the first 2 to 3 months or a solid six months. First time gains may come quickly for some as it did for me. However 1" or 1.5" is but a start, and certainly not the final destination in arriving at average, and then above average to that of a good size.

    How often do you have sex?

    None of your business. But I can say this, rest and proper diet is important. Sex is not going anywhere anytime soon.

    Is porn bad for you?

    That is a tricky question. For me it is useful on a sex education point of view, it is useless from a reality point of view, it is not healthy if one is addicted to it as it can cause lack of interest in the real deal. Yet, if it were not for porn I would not have gotten the rude awakening to the importance of P.E., nor would I have seen the girl I had feelings for riding what I considered at the time a monster cock.

    Does one size fit all & what size would that be?

    Well technically I would want to say yes. Meaning having a good size cock, or above average (above 7") with above average girth of 5.5". This a lot of ladies seem to be okay with. However quite a few women are just fine with 6" to 7". Video of penis being measured (Warning: Adult content/image): https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph56926f188a714

    What if my penis is 4"?

    This would imply that you have a micro penis. In addition to the fact that what is visible is 3". Gaining if possible 2" to 2.5" or best 3" would see a new length of 6", 6.5", or 7". All three length increase would be vastly superior to that of a 4" cock. Doing your own extensive research is important.

    Who and what other websites you respect in regards to P.E.?

    Well first I must give a shot out to all the men who posted all their content on the various portals, websites, and YouTube channels. Special shout out to DLD (This guy is totally amazing and provided a lot of information and is a great help to the community). Special shout out to persons who spoke of the penis professor and other sites like his. And the most practical source of information https://www.pegym.com/forums/success-forum/27977-top-performers.html

    Why post a link to what could be considered the Bible for P.E.?

    Sharing information does not hurt. Free information is all over the internet. However each persons personal journey which they saw with their own eyes, seeing their own new gains, and what worked and what did not work for them without using the aid of clamps, wearable mechanical extenders, pills, creams, or surgery says a lot in itself. Sometimes it is not always about the money. The more give the more you receive.


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